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❛Sylheterzamin.com❜ is a leading online Bangla news portal based in Bangladesh. It delivers national and international news as it happens 24 hours a day.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the constellation of digital news networks. That’s why ❛Sylheterzamin.com❜ offers a one-stop Bangla news solution by offering authentic, unbiased and credible news.

Make ❛Sylheterzamin.com❜ your trustworthy portal for live Bangla news updates. Simply click onto Sylhettoday24.com to enter the world of your news choice.

In 2022, Sylheter Zamin Media Group looked into starting up its online news portal namely ❛Sylheterzamin.com❜ (URL: https://www.Sylheterzamin.com) with the motto ‘News, Opinion and Analysis’. ❛Sylheterzamin.com❜ was launched on February 26, 2022, for live news update 24/7.

It not only focuses on current affairs, business, sports, culture and entrainment but also participates in various programs and social responsibility based activities.

Advisor: Syed Saiful Islam Nahed
Editor & Publisher : Ruji Akther

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Office: Mejortila, Judge Shaheb Road, Jahanpur, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.
Email : aruji228@gmail.com
Email: sznews2022@gmail.com


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সম্পাদকীয় কার্যালয়ঃ মেজরটিলা, জজ সাহেব রোড, জাহানপুর, সিলেট।
Email : sznews2022@gmail.com